Discharge wells p-101 small basic

The p-steel discharge wells are one of the main products of Camper WC Wash system. For this reason we have committed to several years of research, coming to the development of a hygienic, reliable and efficient product. It is entirely made of AISI 304 type steel, a material which does not absorb effluents, is resistant to acids and frost and does not deteriorate in time, unlike concrete and fibreglass.
Its specific structure makes the wells also suitable for tourist coaches transit without damage or deformation.
Additionally, the wide mesh grid with central drain ensures a more efficient cleaning of the effluents area.
Each well features a syphon that can be inspected and ensures the absence of bad smells.
The ICE frost proof optional guarantees an optimal performance at low temperatures, making it ideal for mountain areas. Composed of a heating cable, it will keep a minimum working temperature to inhibit ice formation and pipes breakage.
By preference, the wells are available without the self-cleaning system (without nozzles), which implies manual washing of the draining area.

p-101 small basic

Discharge well with a central drain channel and a suitablefor- transit grid by both campers and coaches complete with a syphon that can be inspected, supporting structure and adjustable feet for levelling. Also equipped with the selfcleaning system.
By preference, the wells are available without the selfcleaning system (without nozzles), which implies manual washing of the drainage area.



Podna kada sa sustavom samočišćenja od nehrđajućeg čelika Stainless steel waste water well with self-cleaning system

tehničke karakteristike technical characteristics


Stainless steel AISI 304


Length 100 x Width 110 x Height 40 (cm)


3 mm

Syphon that can be inspected

Ø 125 mm

Stainless steel nozzles

No. 7 (organised on three sides)

Compatible columns

S-209, S-210

Water connection




ICE heating system for low temperatures


Valve closing system for the distinction of waste water from storm waters


Cover for leaves